Planter AI

Planter AI is a self-watering smart planter, and agricultural technology, offering real-world, and digital rewards.

Grow and Earn

Grow your plants, keep the harvest, and get paid in cryptocurrency for sharing plant and sensor data over the blockchain. This is an option that our growers can turn on and off.

Mobile Supported

Planter AI offers a mobile app that listens to plant sensors and displays a plant status for each plant while on the go. When in close proximity to the Planter, Bluetooth technology provides additional features.

Our Guarentee

We are building a Smart Planter meant for 2020 while gearing the technology to be ready to grow through 2025 that gives gardeners the best possible result from organic and digital harvesting.

Why Choose Planter AI?

Planter AI produces real world and digital rewards using a self watering smart planter, sensors and blockchain.

Interested in this Project?

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